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  • More than 900 children's Christmas gifts were presented by the volunteers of the Fund SAFMAR in the Christmas holidays during charity events in orphanages and hospitals in Moscow.

  • December 21 at the State Kremlin Palace with the support of the Fund SAFMAR held an anniversary concert children's choir «The Giant», the contractor's famous children's songs that became hits, «Robot Bronislaw», «Ah, be cool!», «Young horse», «Raccoon».

  • SAFMAR donated to the MSU 60 copies of the unique edition of Euphrosynya Kersnovskaya «Truth as a light». Books will be available in the main library of the country in the framework of the charitable program «History of Russia in XX century with illustrations».

  • In Tver with the support of the «SAFMAR» foundation a concert-ball in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birthday by M. Y. Lermontov. Organized by the Poetry house of Andrey Dementyev. On the same day the opening of the exhibition of paintings from the collections of Lermontov Museum-reserve «Tarkhany». The exposition presents works by artists of the XX century whose work is connected with the Mikhail Lermontov.

  • The Jewish Museum and tolerance center with the support of the SAFMAR foundation presents the exhibition «Rabbinic dynasty», dedicated to the history of the Medalie`s family. The history of rabbinic dynasty Medalie does not fit within the family Saga - it reflects the dramatic fate of the generation of Russian Jews under threat of death remained faithful to the Jewish tradition, preserving it for future generations. Exhibition «Rabbinic dynasty» will begin to immortalize the memory of all the priests who died during the Great terror.

  • SAFMAR will support the Federation of equestrian sports of the Republic of Khakassia in the framework of the joint charity program «Horse riding». The Fund will purchase specialized transport for horses. This will allow young athletes in the region to participate in interregional competition not only within the Republic but also abroad.

  • Foundation SAFMAR allocated 10 million rubles to complete construction of Holy Trinity church in Ukamenskoye village.

  • First 30 rehabilitation sets for the children with ICP were sent within the charitable program I believe. I hope. I live to Amur, Penza and Ulyanovsk regions this week.

  • SAFMAR charitable foundation together with the government of the Khakasiya Republic implement a charitable program targeted at social support of coal industry veterans of the Republic.

  • SAFMAR Foundation takes part in the competition «The Objective charity». The competition is organized by the nonprofit partnership grant-making organizations Donors Forum which unites the largest charitable Russian foundations and supported by the Moscow Department of culture.