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In Orsk with the support of the Foundation SAFMAR built social housing


Orsk. In Orsk with the support of the Foundation SAFMAR in the framework of the joint charitable project of the Foundation and the city administration completed the construction of social housing. The apartments are designed to create the city's Bank for social housing for socially vulnerable categories of the population. Ten bright and spacious apartments in two new modern townhouses will allow you to solve a number of social problems in Orsk, including to attract highly skilled professionals from the health sector for construction in the city oncologic dispensary. In a ceremony to mark the completion of this socially significant project for the region was attended by Vice-Governor of the Orenburg region Pavel Samsonov, General Director of "Forteinvest" Said Gutseriev, representatives of administration of the Orsk city. The Vice-Governor expressed his deep gratitude to Said Gutseriev for attention to the social problems of the Orenburg region and active participation in their resolution. He noted that the program in General will reduce the level of social tension in the region will have a positive impact on providing housing to socially vulnerable categories of the population of the city of Orsk. Congratulating city residents on the successful completion of construction, Sais Gutseriev emphasized that this project is a vivid example of successful interaction of business and government that improve the quality of life in the Orenburg region. SAFMAR, the founder of which is famous Russian philanthropist and businessman Mikhail Gutseriev, implements in the Orenburg region, a number of charitable programs aimed at supporting the development of education, culture, health and sports. In addition to the construction of social housing in band aid repair rural schools and preschools, the acquisition of the necessary study equipment, ambulances for urban and rural hospitals in the region, musical instruments for arts schools and clubs, sports uniforms and equipment, etc.


  The Foundation SAFMAR is one of the biggest Russian nonprofit charitable organizations. The Foundation was incorporated by RussNeft, headed by Mikhail Gutseriev, the largest Russian businessman and philanthropist. Foundation SAFMAR is established for the implementation of long-term social projects in the field of culture, art, education, and spiritual development. Foundation program meet the criteria of transparency, clarity of strategy, consistency in the implementation. In carrying out its activities the Foundation relies on the best traditions of national practices in the field of philanthropy. The Foundation SAFMAR supports major charitable projects in conjunction with many famous educational, scientific, museum and sociable Russian institutions.