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With the support of the SAFMAR foundation at the Scientific center of Cardio vascular surgery named after A.N. Bakulev held a scientific-practical school


Moscow. The Scientific Center of cardiovascular surgery named after A. N. Bakulev in the framework of a joint charitable program with the Foundation SAFMAR in November was held the scientific-practical school for cardiologists. The training was organized within the framework of the XXII all-Russian Congress of cardiovascular surgeons MOH. The event was attended by scientists from Russia and different countries: Spain, Germany, Austria etc. The main topic of one of the schools - "cardiovascular disease and comorbid pathology". During the course of the second school discussed the topic of "Visualization in cardiology and cardiac surgery: valvular disease and rhythm disorders of the heart." Both schools are included in the system of continuous medical education with a certificate of the established sample of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. With the students of the schools shared their practices and experience with leading Russian and foreign experts. Of particular interest among the audience caused a real analysis of cases, (medical cases). Conducted on-line broadcast of both schools. Scientific Center of cardiovascular surgery named after. A. N. Bakulev provides medical, scientific, pedagogical and organizational activities as the lead Agency of the country on the issue of "cardiovascular surgery". The center is the largest medical institution in the field of cardiovascular surgery in Europe. Annually treated several thousand patients with various cardiac diseases. Foundation SAFMAR founded by the famous Russian philanthropist and businessman Mikhail Gutseriev, implements long-term program support Center promotes its activities in the field of prevention and protection of health of citizens, and also propaganda of healthy lifestyle. With the support of the Fund for the reconstruction of offices, strengthening the material base of the institution modernization of medical equipment and software. In the framework of the charity program SAFMAR purchased modern equipment for treatment, conducting various laboratory tests. The Foundation also supports an extensive educational efforts of the Center such as seminars and conferences for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of Russia; the organization of schools for patients at risk. Healthcare is one of the main vectors of activities of SAFMAR. The founder of the Foundation SAFMAR Mikhail Gutseriev attaches special importance to implementation of programs aimed at supporting and strengthening the material base of healthcare institutions in the regions of Russia. On his initiative, purchased ambulances, purchased modern medical equipment, improving the material base of hospitals and centers, which generally are aimed at maintaining and improving the health of Russian citizens.


  The Foundation SAFMAR is one of the biggest Russian nonprofit charitable organizations. The Foundation was incorporated by RussNeft, headed by Mikhail Gutseriev, the largest Russian businessman and philanthropist. Foundation SAFMAR is established for the implementation of long-term social projects in the field of culture, art, education, and spiritual development. Foundation program meet the criteria of transparency, clarity of strategy, consistency in the implementation. In carrying out its activities the Foundation relies on the best traditions of national practices in the field of philanthropy. The Foundation SAFMAR supports major charitable projects in conjunction with many famous educational, scientific, museum and sociable Russian institutions.