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SAFMAR supported the Museum projects of the first President of Russian Federation B.Yeltsin


Yekaterinburg. Foundation SAFMAR supported the Museum of the first President of Russia B. Yeltsin (Yeltsin Center) in Yekaterinburg. The main objectives of the Museum is the conservation, study and public presentation of historical heritage of the first President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin in the context of the recent history of the Fatherland. The presidential center B. Yeltsin brings together the Museum of the first President of Russia and archival-library complex, which is a storage location unique documents and exhibits on important historical pages in the life of Russia. The Foundation SAFMAR will focus on the development and material and technical equipment of the Museum, archives and library at the Yeltsin Centre. Created using the most modern multimedia technologies, the Museum has become a full-fledged social, cultural and educational center. The forum regularly hosts lectures, concerts, exhibitions and various social events. The Museum exposition consists of nine rooms devoted to modern political history of Russia and the personality of the first President of Russia. An integral part of the Museum is an archive-library facility, in which funds collected tens of thousands of documents, photos and videos that tell about the political, economic and social reforms of the Yeltsin era. The archive is constantly updated with new documents having great historical importance. Support of the Foundation SAFMAR, founded by the famous Russian philanthropist and businessman Mikhail Gutseriev will contribute to the further development of the Presidential center B. Yeltsin, the preservation of cultural heritage of Russia, formation of patriotism, attraction of wide layers of the population to the study of national history.


  The Foundation SAFMAR is one of the biggest Russian nonprofit charitable organizations. The Foundation was incorporated by RussNeft, headed by Mikhail Gutseriev, the largest Russian businessman and philanthropist. Foundation SAFMAR is established for the implementation of long-term social projects in the field of culture, art, education, and spiritual development. Foundation program meet the criteria of transparency, clarity of strategy, consistency in the implementation. In carrying out its activities the Foundation relies on the best traditions of national practices in the field of philanthropy. The Foundation SAFMAR supports major charitable projects in conjunction with many famous educational, scientific, museum and sociable Russian institutions.