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Foundation SAFMAR supports school Marem in Ingushetia


The Republic оf Ingushetia. With the support of the Foundation SAFMAR under a long-term partnership program in high school Marem (Magas), has been started the renovation which will be continued and completed next year. The school was built with funds from a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of the Foundation SAFMAR Mikhail Gutseriev and donated to the children of Ingushetia. The school is named in honor of the businessman's mother Marem Ahilgova. In November, the school celebrates 15 years since its formation. Over the years of its activity Marem was the center of education, culture and sport for children of the city and today is one of the best schools in the country. The pupils occupy prize-winning places in regional and all-Russian competitions, and graduates enter the best higher educational institutions of Russia. Currently the school has over 1200 children. Foundation SAFMAR and a grammar school Marem bind long-term relationships. With the Foundation's support strengthened material base of schools, assisted in the implementation of innovative educational programs and competitions among students. In 2014, the Foundation supported the holding in grammar school Marem contest for children who are learning English. The winners received the opportunity to go to London and 2 weeks in high school, accredited by Oxford. The children received bright and unforgettable impressions, increased the level of their knowledge and, importantly, received a high motivation for further learning. In 2015, the Fund purchased for the school: new school furniture, modern sports equipment, visual aids and other required training and comprehensive development of children. Foundation SAFMAR places particular emphasis on the implementation of programs aimed at promoting the development of Federal and regional system of education in Russia, creating conditions for training of highly skilled specialists. Construction and reconstruction of educational institutions, development of joint innovative educational methods, schools and kindergartens in the purchase of the necessary equipment – the main vectors of the Fund's activities in the field of education.


  The Foundation SAFMAR is one of the biggest Russian nonprofit charitable organizations.The Foundation was incorporated by RussNeft, headed by Mikhail Gutseriev, the largest Russian businessman and philanthropist.Foundation SAFMAR is established for the implementation of long-term social projects in the field of culture, art, education, and spiritual development. Foundation program meet the criteria of transparency, clarity of strategy, consistency in the implementation. In carrying out its activities the Foundation relies on the best traditions of national practices in the field of philanthropy. The Foundation SAFMAR supports major charitable projects in conjunction with many famous educational, scientific, museum and sociable Russian institutions.