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Statement of the Founder

Dear friends!

It is impossible to measure investments in goodness. Social investments in culture, education, science do not bring immediate dividends, profits measured by charts with figures. However, I am convinced that they will become mostly fruitful with the modern society in relation to tomorrow, which will be better thanks to our joint efforts. Charity is always directed at specific people and specific cases, and these investments will bring the most generous dividends to Russia and its people.

Charitable projects have always occupied an important place in my life. Primarily because the business must be socially responsible to the society. All the companies I headed  aided construction of schools, kindergartens, hospitals; as well as purchase the modern equipment. Support was offered to federal and regional sporting events. Together with the largest universities in Russia, we have developed a number of important educational programs that contribute significantly to the development of higher education in our country.

Charitable Foundation SAFMAR will move charity of business into the mainstream of social policy, will enable to concentrate on the development and implementation of large charitable programs aimed at promoting culture, science, education, the implementation of the brightest creative projects for the benefit of society and Russia. I believe that in a consistent and systematic activities of non-profit organizations in general, and SAFMAR in particular, laid the tremendous potential for positive change in society to solve a huge number of social problems, which are not always a priority for the state.


Best regards, Mikhail Gutseriev,

Сhairman of the Board
SAFMAR Foundation